BOON is about powering Everyday Heroes with nootropics, adaptogens, and superfoods. (What do you need more of in your life…Focus? Calm? Energy? Find out which BOON products are best for you.)

How did BOON begin?

The purpose of BOON is to improve lives through unique, delicious, high-quality, functional foods and nutritional products. When someone uses a BOON product, they feel healthier, happier, focused, less anxious, and ready to make a positive impact on the world.

How do the right foods help the Everyday Hero?

While Everyday Heroes show up even when they are struggling themselves, we know that when we feel good, we do good. Everyday Heroes can benefit from nootropics, adaptogens and probiotics to help improve mood, focus, and immunity. Nootropics like L-theanine, Lion’s Mane, and cacao keep us focused when we are overwhelmed or distracted. A dose of anandamide lifts our mood when we are anxious. Theobromine in cacao provides a boost of energy when we need it the most.

BOON believes that Everyday Heroes enjoy their own lives more when they are calm, focused, and healthy. BOON’s products are for all the Everyday Heroes building healthier lives, stronger communities, and helping others one act of service at a time. 

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It should be enjoyed and celebrated as the fuel and medicine our body and mind use to create a vibrant life. There is so much we are still learning about how nutrition affects our mental and physical performance. 

While most of us know that we should be eating healthy foods to support our physical health, a lot of people may not realize that there is power in nootropics to improve our mental fitness as well. As our founder, Kevin, says, “I’m fascinated by the possibilities of improving our quality of life simply with what we eat.

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